Pattern review of the Nuuk Hat (originally by

After attempting the ever popular baggie beannie style hat a few times with little success we went in search of a baggie hat pattern to follow. We stumbled on the Nuuk Hat crochet pattern created by By Number 19 (the link for the pattern is above) and really liked the look of this hat. It has a lovely subtle shell edge and cool ridges running up the length of the hat that give it a fun, unique look. And it is nice and slouchy.

The first time one of us tried this pattern using an Alpaca acrylic mixed yarn and a size I/5.5mm hook. Yeah, yeah, I know, not exactly what the pattern called for. But the yarn was too soft to resist and we really wanted a baggie hat and this one was so cute. Turns out when you use a heavier yarn AND a bigger hook you end up with a whole lotta hat. I mean a lot! The resulting hat was just a little loose on the head width wise but ended up so tall that it just looked ridiculous. Plus it was quite heavy. I mean really heavy. So all the decrease rows were removed (about 10 row) and a drawstring was made to tie off the hat. It was still a bit tall but became wearable.



Unfortunately some of the great details are lost with the chunky fuzzy yarn. But it could be worn as a baggie hat although its still heavier than is comfortable. The drawstring can be untied and the hat used as a neck warmer instead.

This is attempt 3. But going into this hat I knew I wasn’t going to try and make it baggie. But I really liked the hat details especially in the beginning. On this hat during the last row of shell stitched I removed the chain one between the two double crochets. You’ll see in attempt 2 the hat puffs out slightly. By removing the chain stitch before the 9th row it keeps the hat from puffing out. This hat was made with an 5mm/H hook and self-striping yarn. Also after it was tall enough to fit it also was finished with a drawstring and cannot be worn baggy.





Here is attempt 2. Following the pattern almost exactly. The hook size was increased slightly by one size. It was meant to be finished as the pattern dictated but G ran out of yarn! She bought more yarn to finish but it was just a shade off! So this hat too was finished by drawing.



We both thought we’d make the hat again and really enjoy the details of it. If anyone ever completes this pattern we would love to hear about it and see a picture!


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