The Best Batman Hat Ever


I am a lover of all things Nerd including Star Wars, Superheroes, Harry Potter, and Batman …especially Batman.
Last year while I was in the early stages of an owl hat for my daughter’s birthday I drew a picture to show someone what it was going to look like. There on my paper where an owl was intended was Batman looking out at me. Clearly drawing is not my art of choice but I was inspired.
Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. Christmas had passed, no exciting projects on the horizon, I had some time to kill and some black yarn. It was time to make The Best Batman Hat Ever. I wanted bat ears, ear flaps, and a mask that came down over the eyes so that the wearer could look and feel like The Batman. I wanted it to inspire anyone who saw it to say in their best deep, gravely voice “I’m Batman.”
I began by trolling the internet to see if a hat such as this already existed. Why reinvent the wheel, right? As far as I could see it did not. There were some that came close but none that were really what I was looking for.  As I was searching I began crocheting a basic black kid size hat using half double chain stitches and a size I hook.


Most of my ideas for “new” crochet patterns are a mesh of or a modification on patterns I’ve used or seen. So I found a kids’ Batman hat pattern (kids Batman hat) that had ears and a mask but no nose and no ear flaps. I used this as a guide (following the pattern exactly for the ears and making the eye opening a little bigger) and worked in a nose and ear flaps. After a few try-ons with a sometimes unwilling three year old followed by some minor tweaking here and there I finally had it: The Best Batman Hat Ever.


Next I’m thinking Ninja Turtles….after I finish my sister’s birthday present (her birthday was the day after Christmas)….oh and that bag I’ve had in pieces on my ironing board for two weeks now.
Yup, Ninja Turtles. All four of them. It’ll happen…eventually.

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One thought on “The Best Batman Hat Ever

  1. […] And ,only because it’s required, 11 Random facts about yourself: 1) I really dislike telling people about myself. 2) I sometimes wear pajama pants in public…usually my favorite fleece ones with Stewie from Family Guy all over them. These are best paired with a baggy hoodie. If you’re going to don an air of really not caring about your appearance you might as well go whole hog. 3) I eat pizza rolls dipped in ranch dressing…regularly. But only in odd numbered groupings (7, 9, or 11 usually). 4) Food mixing together grosses me out way more than blood, guts, bodily fluids, or gaping wounds. 5)Five is my favorite number. I know I said I don’t usually have favorites but sometimes I do. “First rule: The Doctor lies.” 6) I work nights…but if you’ve read much of my blog you probably already know this. 7) Talking to people I don’t know scares me. 8) I am slightly clumsy, especially when tired. I AM the reason we can’t have nice things. 9) I’m afraid of bats…but I love Batman! […]


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