Baggy Hat or Bag???

imageOhhhh, the baggy hat. It’s my downfall in the crochet world. I have successfully completed only one baggy hat which was appropriately baggy and hat like. The rest, well, the rest have been disasters. For example the Nuuk hat (reviewed earlier) was supposed to be a delightfully baggy hat and instead ended up WAY too big for the normal head and finished off early with a drawstring in order to be wearable.

My latest attempt is pictured below. I was going for a simple basic baggy beanie. Clearly, I increased too many rows but I decided to continue to see if it could be made into a baggy hat. No. It was very large and kinda fat. So, as you will see, I added a handle and am calling it a bag. (Or Easter basket…)

There is some crisscross stitching in the color change rows but otherwise it was all done in basic double crochets. I believe I continued increasing for about 7 rows. For a normal fitted beanie I usually increase for about 5 rows.


Any helpful how to do this the right way comments are appreciated as are your pictures of crochet projects GONE WRONG!!


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