Dimple Hat and Mittens

I crocheted these a while ago as a gift for a friend but they turned out so well I thought I’d do a quick post. The hat is one of my favorites. I got the pattern from Bobwilson123 on YouTube (Dimple Hat). That is a wonderful YouTube site for crochet especially for beginners. She has lots of great projects and walks you through them one step at a time. Also she has great hat tutorials including how to start your basic beanie and what to do with hats gone wrong. I highly recommend checking her out!

The mittens were from a pattern book. They worked up quite nice. I used a baby yarn and a 4.25mm hook. They were very soft!

I’ve done the Dimple hat twice and both times it turned out beautifully. I unfortunatly don’t have a picture of my first hat. With this dimple hat I used the baby yarn and 4.25mm hook for the yellow and increased my hook size to 5.5mm when using the white yarn which is Caron Simply Soft. It really made the dimples stand out nicely!


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