Blanket Construction – part 1

So if you’ve read my “about me” section you’ll know that I have a blanket, well part of a blanket, that’s been sitting behind my couch for years.  When I first started to crochet all I knew was a single stitch. I made one whole blanket out of single stitch rows and started another only to put it down for over 5 years. Now that my crocheting has advanced I’m pulling it back out and having another go. I will not however continue to single crochet!  Ah, the time that would take and I do not have the patience. So what I have right now is a very long (about head to toe, I’m about 5’9″), fairly narrow (maybe a foot) piece of single crochet. There are three main colors, gray, mauve and dark pink and also a stripe of brown.

So not that long ago I double crocheted a border of brown around all the single crochet to sort of block it off…I knew I wouldn’t continue with that stitch. Then I thought I would just double crochet the rest so I started adding some double crochet stripes. Sooo time consuming and such a big piece to work with. So I dumped that plan too!

Now my plan is to add granny squares to complete the blanket. All kinds of granny squares. Can’t go wrong, right? I mean this blanket has so much going on anyway, why not add to the confusion?! 


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