The 30 year old Hipster

A few days ago I was bored (or avoiding the giant pile of laundry in my basement waiting to be folded) and I decided to do a little research on an elusive question that’s been burning in my mind: What, exactly, is a Hipster? I turned up a blog called Verbal Vomit and, of course wiki-how.

As it turns out I am a Hipster.

Yes, you read that correctly. I am a Hipster….
and I didn’t even know it. I feel so much more self-aware now (2 hipster points for self awareness). Nevermind that at just past 30 I’m teetering on the upper limit of the hipster age bracket while a couple of my children are crossing the brink of the lower. Or the fact that I have never owned a new Mac product and haven’t had a bike since I was 13. I actually posses many of the defining Hipster characteristics.
First: apparel & appearance
I frequently wear skinny jeans and “ironic” t-shirts such as those featuring super heros or other fictional characters. Think Batman, Ninja Turtles, Pac Man. Though maybe this makes me more of a male hipster…hmm. I don’t have any chest or facial hair to show off though so probably not.
I have a lovely collection of unique scarves and hats courtesy of my crochet addiction (5 hipster points for always having a beanie to wear).
I  am into owl accessories and appliques….and I liked owls way before they were cool (10 hipster points for liking something before it was cool).
Sometimes I go out in public looking unwashed &
disheveled. Mostly this is due to working nights and having to pick up kids from school. Am I that person at the grocery store in pajamas at four in the afternoon? Maybe…but hey, that makes me just a little bit cooler, right?
Also, I carry a messenger bag made by a small company or individual…ME! (See my Giant Striped Scrap Bag post).
Second: hobbies and interests
Upcycling. I’ve been “upcycling” clothing since before that was a word. According to my spell check it still isn’t a word. I have skirts that were pants, dresses that were shirts, shirts that were other shirts, bags that were shirts, the list goes on & on.
I crochet. Apparently having a hobby that involves making stuff is quite hipster. Yay crocheting! Not only do I have such a hobby but I blog about it…and reblog. Who knew I was so hipster?
Hey, who knows, maybe if I had time to scour the internet or the local music scene I’d even like Indie music before anyone else does. I do enjoy The Black Keys, didn’t they start out Indie?
Oh and, How did the hipster get burned?
They ate their soup before it was cool.

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist throwing a lame hipster joke in there.


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3 thoughts on “The 30 year old Hipster

  1. Wow. I’m a 54-year-old Hipster!
    Makes sense, as I remember the first generation of Hipsters…I was just a kid, but I was a Hipster even then!
    GREAT blog you have here! I’m stayin’!


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