My Nemesis – The Baggy Hat

So I’ve taken a quick break from my work on my blanket. I just needed to FINISH something and although I’m making progress with the blanket it’s just not close to being done.

I had this really chunky soft yarn, which I had purchased for a different project and didn’t end up using, just sitting around. I decided to try one more time to crochet a baggy hat. I’ve tried several times to complete a baggy/slouchy hat and they just never end up quite right. But finally I have accomplished a hat that seems appropriately baggy and *gasp* may even by wearable!!!

baggy hat

I found the pattern on Ravelry which led me to a very cute blog called Gleeful Things. In her “Free Crochet Patterns” she has a few delightful baggy hats. I made the Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat.

I did alter her pattern but only slightly. During round 3 I doubled the increase again (like round 2) instead of doing every other. When I followed the pattern exactly my hat wasn’t baggy it was just fitted and slightly long. (Yeah, I made almost the whole thing then frogged it all. On the upside that goes quickly with thick yarn!)

There it is. An actually baggy hat has been accomplished. It’s chunky, it’s cute and now I want to make another that’s thinner and more for spring!

If you have any baggy hat patterns you love and have turned out for you I’d love it if you shared them!!


One thought on “My Nemesis – The Baggy Hat

  1. […] made this hat quite awhile ago. It’s also from Gleeful Things. It was also one of the very first baggy hats that actually worked out for […]


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