Yet Another T-shirt Bag

Yes yes, I know, t-shirt bags are everywhere now thanks to Pinterest. There’s nothing that exciting or inovative about a bag made from a t-shirt. I would tend to agree with you on that…buuut I’m blogging about my recent t-shirt bag creation anyhow. Actually maybe I should call this an outfit bag since I used both a t-shirt AND a pair of pants to make it.
First I’ll show you the finished product, then I’ll walk you through the few simple steps to make the bag.


And there it is. I needed a bag that would hold all my son’s soccer stuff including the ball. My usual striped bag wasn’t quite the right shape for such a task and I didn’t have a lot of time to come up with something (really who does?). I guess I could’ve gone to a store and just bought a bag but why would I do that when I have a perfectly good sewing machine (or three) at my house? Plus this particular kid of mine had been asking me to make him a bag for a while so I knew he’d appreciate something I had made just for him.
I used a men’s large t-shirt, an elastic waistband from a kids’ pair of pants (size doesn’t really matter here since the elastic in the band allows it to stretch & fit whatever you’re trying to get in the bag), and whatever you have or can make for two straps. I used a couple strips of fabric from the pants for mine but rope, old bag straps, or ribbon would work too.


First, cut the shirt. I cut around the sleeves and just under the collar through both the front & back of the t-shirt. I also sewed the sides where the sleeves were shut.
Next, cut the waistband off the pants. I cut about half an inch below the band but in some spots had to work around pockets. As long as you have enough to attach it to the top of the shirt it should work.


After the band is cut flip it upside down and pin it to the top of the t-shirt with right sides of each facing eachother. Like so:


Now it’s time to sew them together. I did a straight stitch about half an inch from the band and then also went around the cut edges with a bigger zig-zag stitch. I did the same thing to shut the bottom of the bag. It was a little long so I cut a few inches off the bottom of the t-shirt before sewing.
So now you should have the basic bag shape but no starps. Most sewing machines now have pretty easy to use button hole stitches. After marking where the straps would go, I made a button hole on each corner of the bag. You don’t have to worry about making these a precise size. I just eye-balled it and made sure they’d be big enough for the straps.


You could skip this step and just cut a little slit for the straps. Part of the beauty of using t-shirts is that you don’t have to sew every part you cut or be exact as they stretch but don’t really frey.
Once you have the holes just thread whatever you’re using for straps through. One strap goes through both holes on one side of the bag and then the ends of it can be either knotted or sewn together.
And Voila! You have a t-shirt bag.
My son loves his (it helps that I used an awesome Star Wars t-shirt) and it holds his soccer ball, cleats, shin guards, socks, and water bottle with a little room to spare. I love it because now (theoretically) all his soccer gear can be kept in one easy to find spot.


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