Some older items

As I was looking through my phone’s photographs I came across a few of my first crochet projects. So here’s a look back (all of like 9 months ago) to how I got back into crochet!

This is a chain scarf. I found the pattern on Bobwilson123’s YouTube channel. It is a GREAT beginner’s project because it’s all chaining with just a little double/single crochet to connect it all together. I also hope you enjoy my awesome penguin snuggie in the background!

This is just a basic double crochet infinity scarf. I actually had quite a hard time with this because the yarn was fuzzier (soft but fuzzy) and it was hard to see where my stitches were located. I have a somewhat easier time working with fuzzy yarn now but I still find it challenging at times. This scarf was super tight (I think I used too small a hook for the yarn) so it was pretty stiff. Not exactly what I was going for but what a great color! And again my super cool penguin snuggie!

Last but not least a cute toddler ruffle hat for my best friend’s daughter. The pattern can also be found on Bobwilson123. Her YouTube channel was a great help as I was first crocheting, as I have said many times. The flower I found on a different website (as you can see in the background) but unfortunately I don’t remember which one. I thought it was a cute and simple embellishment.

I’ve still been plugging away at my blanket. Although now that it has really started to warm up I haven’t been crocheting as much. What sort of projects do you work on in the summer?

Plus I’ve been reading a bit more. I need to pick up some recorded books so I can “read” and crochet at the same time!


3 thoughts on “Some older items

  1. Beate says:

    Beautiful! You are very talented: Sew write crochet. I bet you can cook too. Have a great weekend!


    • sindel17 says:

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I’m only 1/2 of this blog so I can’t take credit for the sewing projects that’s all my co-blogger! And she does make one heck of a cheesecake!!


      • Beate says:

        I wish I had such a partner! But than on 2nd thought if my partner makes cheesecake, I need a 3rd sewing skilled partner also for making bigger pants.


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