Random Clearance Fabric Project: McCall’s M5694





I’m not all “Upcycling”, crocheting, and free-hand bag making. Once in a while I revisit my sewing roots and actually make something by following a pattern. Or at least following the basic idea of the pattern.
I picked up this fun bright striped corduroy fabric a few months ago when there was a sale on the clearance fabrics at the nearest fabric store. At the time I didn’t have a specific project in mind but who can resist tables piled high with cheap fabrics in a variety of colors and textures? Certainly not me!
After I bought two yards of this fabric and got it home it sat around on my sewing table for a month or so waiting for a spurt of inspiration and motivation to hit me. I’m nothing if not a procrastinator. Finally I pulled out my box of patterns and decided on McCall’s M5694. I’ve used this pattern a few times before. It’s something cute and wearable that only takes a couple hours to make, perfect for beginners or when you’re crunched for time but really want to make something.
For the most part I followed the pattern but I did leave off the pockets and add a row of applique tulips with ribbon stems along the bottom of the jumper.


The bright colors of the fabric and the flowers help make it wearable as a sundress too even though corduroy is a heavier fabric. Yay for versatility!


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