Just Can’t Finish – Blanket Construction – part 5

My blanket has gone really well. I finally finished my granny squares and was ready to attach. Before I attached the granny squares to the blanket I single crocheted them all together and made a “panel”. Then I laid out the blanket and the panel and hooked yarn through in a few spots just to make sure it would stitch together evenly.


If you look closely you can see the strings from where I pinned the blanket and panel together with yarn.


My cat decided to help me out. He kept pawing under the panel, you know, just to make sure nothing was hiding under there.

IMAG0194  One panel attached!! I really like the look. I actually have the second panel attached now too. All I have left for this blanket is a border. It really needs a border too because the single stitch section of the blanket makes it very stretchy. It just needs a little more structure on the bottom and top.

And that’s where I’m stuck. The border. It’s all I have left. Just two more half-double crochet rounds around the entire blanket and I’m officially finished. I just can’t seem to make myself pick it back up and FINISH! I could blame it on the weather. It’s been hot here and working with a blanket on my lap just isn’t appealing. Really though other projects have caught my attention and they are just more fun! Anybody else have that problem? I don’t want to finish the boring…I love starting new projects!

I’ll get it finished soon though. It’s on my list. I’ll post pictures when I do. 

Thanks for reading! Tell me all about your hard-to-finish projects! 


7 thoughts on “Just Can’t Finish – Blanket Construction – part 5

  1. kathylashley says:

    I can completely relate but just do it! Pick it up and finish and once your done, do the dance in the living room!!!


  2. Sarah says:

    I love starting new projects too. I had to make a New Year’s resolution this year to finish a few projects before I started any new ones. I got a few things done and it felt great. Don’t worry, you’ll get back to your blanket when the weather gets cooler, won’t you?…


    • sindel17 says:

      I will, I will. It’s only in the 50s this morning so I think it’s time to make a cup of coffee the get crocheting on it!!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has multiple projects in multiple states of completion!


  3. shawtin says:

    I always drag out finishing something.. I do find that although I get a sense of accomplishment from finishing, and I do like starting new things, the end if a project, especially one like a big blanket, is tinged with sadness. Almost like I have to say goodbye to something, someone, that has shared so much of my time… Silly, eh?
    It’s looking great 🙂
    S x


    • sindel17 says:

      It will be kind of sad to finish. I’ve been very slowly working on this blanket for about 5 years. Yes, with a whole lot of downtime. But I am excited to finish and I already have another blanket pattern that I want to try. Thanks for the comment!!


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