Signs I might be an Optimist

No matter how skeptical I may be or how much  “hope for the best but prepare for the worst” (as my dad often says) attitude I have, when I look around my home I see signs indicating that I might actually be a little bit of an optimist. For example when I was grocery shopping this week I bought the two pack of paper towels. With five kids, a dog, and a kitten in my home I’m pretty sure that alone is a sign of raging optimism as are the large bags of quinoa and whole grain rice in my cupboards. The giant bag of coffee, however, is more of a basic survival need.
Then there’s that fancy top I found recently, the kind of shirt that you wear out. I mean Out out, not out to run errands or to kids’ school things. Out with friends in an actual public place with other adults or maybe even out on a date. It was super cute when I tried it on. I got two (in different colors). That was almost four months ago….. I have yet to even cut the tags off either. Yeah I’d say that was pretty optimistic of me.
But the most optimistic move I made this week was renting a movie for myself. It was even a five day rental; getting a one day would be ridiculous and downright fantastical (in the maybe that happens in a fantasy kind of way).
You might be wondering how renting a movie is an act of optimism. Well, I’ll tell you. Because I actually thought I would have a little over two hours to sit down and watch this movie…alone…without falling asleep. Of course I expected to be folding laundry whilst watching but I’d still get to enjoy a movie. Obviously that did not happen. Life got in the way as usual. Tuesday night around 10:30pm (the movie was due back Wednesday) I had to admit that yet again I’d rented a movie I may never end up seeing. Another two dollars wasted…or rather spent in an act of pure optimism.
Actually, maybe that was two dollars well spent, two dollars spent looking on the bright side and hoping for the best. Someday my life will be different; I’ll get movies and watch them…the first time I rent them. Someday. But for now I’ll do my best to enjoy the chaos of daily life…and stick to watching tv series on dvd since forty-five minutes (an hour tops) is totally realistic.


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