A Fun Little Somethin Somethin

A few weeks ago I realized my family would be celebrating my younger sister’s birthday that upcoming weekend. I didn’t have or present for her or time to obtain one but I did have a fun little crochet pattern for a sleep mask I’d been wanting to try out. It was perfect for this particular sister of mine as she works nights (and has to sleep during the day) and also loves owls.


I found the pattern on this fun little blog called Repeat Crafter Me. As you can see it’s pretty simple but also pretty fun and it’s useful as well as cute.
I made the eyes a little bigger than the pattern instructed and my eyelashes aren’t quite as nice and neat as hers. I was finishing up the mask at the beach just moments before gifting it & I didn’t have a needle on me. I hooked the black through and improvised a single/top stitch and used a smaller hook to attach the eyes & beak. Instead of ribbon I just knotted a thin strap of elastic to the mask; it worked perfectly.


Aaaannd my sister loved the owl sleep mask.


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One thought on “A Fun Little Somethin Somethin

  1. OhmyGodIaminlovewiththis!!!!!! 🙂


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