A Few of My Favorite Things

The best thing about having a wedding in the family is that it gives me an excuse to make dresses.
Specifically fancy little girl dresses.
Making fancy dresses for little girls is one of my favorite things. There is something fun and magical about tulle and taffeta, ribbons and lace, sparkles and poofy skirts, about creating a dress that will make a small girl feel like one of those cheesy Disney princesses she adores.
My sister just got married and ,much to my chagrin, decided not to have a flower girl. I tried to talk her into it but she said she has too many nieces to have them all and it wouldn’t be fair to pick just one or two.
What a party pooper!
She pointed out that I only wanted her to have a flower girl so I could make the dress.
She wasn’t wrong.
I decided not to let my sister ruin all my wedding day fun and went ahead and made a couple of dresses anyhow. I ,of course, made a dress for my own daughter to wear (which I’ll blog about soon) but she’s ten and isn’t as into poof and frills as say a three year old girl. Luckily I happen to have four three year old nieces.
I had a couple pieces of fabric left from when I shortened some bridesmaid dresses for one of my other sister’s wedding a few years ago and that same sister now has twin girls.
One of my other favorite things is making a wearable garment out of something that has seemingly outlived it’s usefulness. So I set out to make two fancy dresses with the cut off skirts of old bridesmaid dresses.


The turquoise is taffeta that I bought for the contrast color on this pattern:


But the majority of the dress i leftovers.
The moss green fabric is semi-sheer chiffon type stuff and the slightly lighter green is whatever typical bridesmaid dress lining is made of. It’s not particularly sturdy fabric and has to be ironed on a low setting which I learned the hard way.


I followed the pattern pretty closely on this one except that I didn’t have to join the skirt front, back, and sides because of the way I cut them. This was a nice side benefit of using what was once a skirt.


The pattern is super cute and easy to follow. The fullness of the skirt was achieved by lots of gathering and a bubble hem instead of by using multiple layers of fabric. And the pleats on the front are a simple detail that give the dress something just a little different.


Overall these dresses were a hit. They got lots of compliments and, more importantly, two adorable little girls were very happy to get fancy new dresses for their aunt’s wedding.



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One thought on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. daniellajoe says:

    Cute!!! 🙂 priceless….


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