Pattern Frustration Rant

I’m making a flower granny square with a pattern that was free-ish on Ravelry. I am super frustrated with the pattern. Instead of just listing out the steps there’s all this exposition to wade through. Not don’t me wrong I love some pointers for the tricky parts but clear cut instructions are soooo valuable. I’m sure the writer of this particular pattern thought they were being precise and that the extra text was helpful but I just find it hard to follow. My pattern is turning out but only due to the pictures (I could use some more of those). *sigh*

It’s not even a super complicated pattern, once the directions have been deciphered. I’ve had enough for the night and I’ll pick it back up tomorrow.

On another note – I have some super fun pictures coming of the blanket I’ve been working on. I am LOVING the colors!! Super fun. Here’s a quick one: (This is NOT the before mentioned flower. This was a very nice pattern and I’ll post the link to it next time.)


I also picked up a new basket on serious clearance. It was going to be for my yarn stash (or at least part of it) and there is some yarn in there. Apparently the basket isn’t mine anymore.




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