Peace Signs & Ripples of Happiness

C’mon don’t you just love that cheesy title?? These are more pieces that are going to be part of my version of the Groovyghan. The pink and green peace isn’t quite finished yet. It still needs the border but in the picture below there’s a completed one. With the completed peace sign is a dot granny square. The dot square pattern can be found with the Groovyghan pattern and actually so can the peace sign but here’s a separate link for that. The peace sign goes pretty fast once you get past the second round. I suggest using the chart she provides. So helpful!!!! That round is TRICKY!



This is called Ripples of Happiness and I LOVE how it looks!! It’s my new favorite pattern plus it shows off the colors of the blanket so well. Once it gets cold around here again (we’re in the middle of a wicked heat wave here in Michigan) I want to do a scarf in this pattern. I also wonder if a hat could be worked out…hmmm, a challenge.



And as promised a link to this pretty flower granny square. Now while I like how it looks it was a pain with all the single crochet. I tend to crochet quite tight when I’m just single crocheting and it was a challenge to keep my tension relaxed. It turned out nicely but I wouldn’t want to make a whole blanket of these ones.




And that’s what I’ve got so far!

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