Hoo’s Sleeping Now?

Although I’ve been crocheting for about two and a half years now I just recently ventured into the wonderful world of the granny square. This was largely due to the many different granny squares that my co-worker and blogging partner Sindel17 has been making (see our blog posts New Blanket with Rosie Posies Granny Squares & Blanket Construction Part 2:the Granny Square).
Also a good friend of mine who fueled the flames of my yarn addiction back when it was in it’s fledgling stages was expecting her second child this summer. She is an excellent knitter and has made a few lovely baby sweaters that are still in use in my family years later.


Since she does knit I knew she’d appreciate the time that goes into a handmade gift but I wanted to make her something that is distinctly crochet. Enter the granny square.


What is more quintessential crochet than a granny square? Traditional granny squares are fun, colorful, and  unique by themselves but I found this adorable owl granny square  that added even more character to the baby blanket I was going to make.


Since I am a slightly obsessive compulsive crocheter I did the math and planned to have a certain number of each type of granny square. For example five owls, a solid of each color, five with only two colors each having a different color on the outside, five randoms that use three colors…you get the idea. And, yes, I do know I made this way more complicated than it needed to be. And, yes, I do know this might detract from the random cohesiveness of a granny square blanket. But I couldn’t help myself.


Even with my attempts at order the blanket turned out great. The colors are baby friendly but not too dull; mostly I used baby soft yarn and Carion Simply Soft so the blanket itself is soft & comfy.
Most importantly my friend really loved it and I think her new baby boy will too.


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