Frogged Again

So in July I decided it was time to start Christmas presents. I wanted to make my little sister a throw blanket, which is going well, and a piece of clothing for my mom. As I was killing time awhile back I found this delightful magazine.

It had AWESOME patterns on the inside. For example:

Oh my goodness they were so amazing I decided one of these was a worthy Christmas present. So I read the pattern for

and started looking for some yarn! The pattern said it required yarn size 1. Size 1! I had never worked with something so small nor is it easy to find in a regular store. I searched JoAnn’s, Michael’s and in desperation Walmart. After much conversation with my co-worker/blogger I decided to get a size 3 yarn. Much easier to find. At JoAnn’s I found a great light green size 3 (baby yarn) on clearance! I was super excited. I purchased seven skeins of yarn for only $20!

I began. I followed the pattern using a 3.5mm hook and it measured WAY to small after row 3. Why, if I was following the pattern and using larger yarn, would it be sooo small? Clearly their suggested yarn size for the patterns are crap. Has anyone else ran across this? I wonder now if I could have purchased a nice worsted weight yarn instead and achieve good results.

So I frogged it. Then I tried again with a slightly larger hook 4.25mm. It was ok but I was unsatisfied with the results. I did not frog it but decided to try doubling up the yarn and try with a bigger hook. I measured but somehow it grew and I ended up with something way too big. So I frogged it.



*Sigh* my piles of frogging. I should have been more careful while frogging but I was impatient and frustrated. I did manage to save most of the yarn after much untangling. The goal for the week off work is to try one more time at this project. If it doesn’t work this time I may take a cue from my cat and throw my hands up in defeat!


4 thoughts on “Frogged Again

  1. Sorry cant help here as I have not come across these terms for year before. I know it is a pain but maybe you could make some tension squares trying various hook sizes to find the right size.


    • sindel17 says:

      The different tension squares is a good idea. I love the patterns in the magazine but I have a feeling I’ll be struggling with sizing with all the patterns. Guess I’ll just get a good tape measure!! HA!


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  3. […] I needed to find a use for. I hate the green yarn that I used. HATE it. I originally bought it for another project which just didn’t quite work out. Nevertheless it’s super soft and I thought it would […]


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