Week of Finishing Part 2:


This shell cowl is part of a two piece set. You can wear it alone or with a simple capelet as shown.


Right now you’re probably looking at these two pictures and noticing that theirs and mine are somewhat…dissimilar.
You are not wrong.

I found this on Ravelry and originally printed the pattern because I thought it might help me figure out the size & shape of another cowl/cape thing I was in the planning stages of making. I, up to this point, had not made any type of shawl or capelet. Technically I still haven’t.
I also liked the versatility of a two piece set and the simple dressiness of the capelet.
I, however, am not really a shawl wearer. They feel like they restrict my arms & I get quite warm. Plus I don’t like clothing touching my neck. No turtle neck sweaters for this girl!
But I still like this set. So I decided to make it as a Christmas gift. Surely someone on my gift list would like something like this and the neck piece is a one size fits most pattern so I could make it before I even know who it’s for.

And so I began. With one skein of Deborah Norville color changing yarn (which I love) this quick and easy pattern was the perfect procrastinator piece to allow me to drag my feet on the big WIP I had been working (slowly) on for a couple months (the Katniss Cowl…to be blogged about soon). The directions seemed simple enough and the stitch repeat pattern was a basic row of shells with a single chain stitch row in between. Easy-peasy. I was even using the yarn recommended in the directions AND the same hook size (maybe for the first time ever). It seemed like a recipe for perfection…


Or not.
When I got to the point in the directions where it said to do a couple rows of singles and then make the button/button hole bands I held up my lovely, soft, colorful thing and wrapped it around my neck…
It didn’t fit.
Hmm. Maybe I was holding it sideways.
I turned it & tried again. Nope, still didn’t reach around my neck.
People, let me tell you, I do not have a large neck.
Did I mention that I followed the directions?
Actually read and followed the pattern this time?
Well, what was there to do at this point but add more rows? So I kept going. Shell row, single row, shell row, single row, shell….you get the idea.


And then I was almost out of yarn.
It kinda fit but now looked nothing like the picture on the pattern. My shells were sideways, their’s seemed to be going up & down.
Now was the time to rethink following directions and frog a little.


I took out enough rows so to make it the height I wanted with the shells sitting upright. It was a lot of rows.  

Since there’s a couple rows of single crochet on the bottom I added a couple to the top as well. At this point the cowl barely touched when wrapped around my neck. To remedy this I singled up the side & back down. Then I chained out just enough to do one shell repeat & followed the pattern back up the side. 
This added 2 to 3 inches to the width. After making it all symmetrical and adding a button hole row & buttons this thing was finally done.


Actually I only had two buttons with me when I was finishing it and there are three button holes. So if you want to get technical this STILL is not finished.
Close enough to blog about though.


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