Lack of yarn

I’m working on a baby blanket. I have three skeins of really nice baby yarn and one skein of cheap Red Heart camo. The camo yarn is scratchy and rough but I really wanted camo in the blanket and I could only find it in cheap yarn. It’s fairly spread out and surrounded by delightfully soft baby yarn. I’ve been trying to finish up this blanket and my basket project so I’m down to only two works in progress.

I was relaxing, watching  The League on Netflix and crocheting away. And then the unthinkable happened…I ran out of the cheap camo yarn with only two rows to go!! Grrrr. It was10:45pm and I started debating whether or not it was worth running to Walmart. I decided getting out of pjs and putting on real clothes just wasn’t worth it. I just switched projects.

As I was working the border I ran out of the lovely rose colored yarn with only 1/4 of the border left to go!  Good grief. Clearly I’m not a good judge of the amount of yarn a project needs.

How does one learn that skill??


4 thoughts on “Lack of yarn

  1. Beate says:

    Been there done that and have NO good advise. If it is as short stretching as you describe it MIGHT help to unravel, wind it on a stiff board real tight, wet it, dry it and that might stretch the yarn long enough to make extra stitches S P R E A D I NG it over the 1/4 of the border. Else , depending on the boarder , make a row of coordinating color and use the left main yarn color to make a picot edge.

    2 rows to go: Tough, make it shorter, who knows, you are the designer. Might be like that on purpose!
    Hope this helps. I have more crochet tips on my blog, though i never get to write lately, because the setting up the website ENGULFS my attention. I thought when I opened a crochet business on line I get to crochet. Fiddlestixs, it is all about setting up computer website.


  2. […] is also the blanket I was working on when I was consistently running out of yarn which I mentioned earlier in the […]


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