V-stitch Love – Baby Blanket

I love this super easy blanket! The basic pattern is from Lion’s Brand Yarn Little V-Stitch Blanket #70119A. I found it on Ravelry and used bmassey99’s border idea. The border is probably my favorite part of this blanket! If you have a Ravelry account here is the link to her pattern details. This blanket is going to a friend for her baby shower. I would definitely make another!



This is also the blanket I was working on when I was consistently running out of yarn which I mentioned earlier in the blog.


I just got back from a lovely girls’ weekend over on Lake Michigan. It was cold! So here I am on the drive hard at work on a hat. I also tried to teach my fellow back-seater how to crochet. Not an easy task in a moving vehicle!! We decided to put a hold on the lesson until we were back to stationary ground! I’ll post pics of the hat soon. It’s a pattern from Gleeful Things and probably one of my favorite hat patterns.


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3 thoughts on “V-stitch Love – Baby Blanket

  1. Running out of colours really worked out well in the end, your friend is very lucky. Love the border too.


  2. […] I love this hat pattern. It is my favorite baggy hat (at least so far). The pattern is from Gleeful Things and it the Sugar Cone Skully Hat. This was the hat that I was working on while on vacation. […]


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