New Stuff!

My boss’s wife surprised me yesterday with a new crochet book!! She picked it up at a used book sale so it’s a bit old but only 1995.

It has some stuff in it that I’ll probably never make. Seriously that doll is creepy!


I don’t think I’ll ever make a tissue box holder either. It’s not a bad look but something about just screams Grandma to me. Probably because my Grandmother always had those.


However check out these blankets!!! I love the red square with the flower stitched in! So much good texture in this whole blanket!


Love this…


and this…


I need more time! Such fun things to make!

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4 thoughts on “New Stuff!

  1. I have that exact book! (unless I got rid of it in our recent garage sale….but I think I still have it!) I’m pretty sure I’ve made a pattern or two out of it, but I can’t remember which ones. I’ll take a look at the pictures tonight and let you know 🙂


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