Insta- skirt

This is just a quick little post about a pair of quick little skirts I whipped up the other day.
I acquired someone’s cast off clothing a while back. Somehow this happens to me frequently. Maybe it’s the five kids thing. Maybe it’s my cheap thrifty nature.
Either way I don’t mind. I tend to collect clothes that I think have the potential to become something else.
And so I had these two stripey pattern t-shirts that I really wouldn’t wear BUT I thought they’d make a nice couple of skirts for my ten year old.
So I bought some wide elastic and….




And that’s it.
Yup, just snip & sew. One seam around the waist and done.
Mind you this will only work for a short time while my girl is small-ish. I will be on the lookout for a larger shirt I can use to try this on an adult scale though. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Also, I didn’t snap a pic of the two finished skirts. I think I thought I’d have time when my daughter tried them on but it was too chaotic at that moment and then she had to leave for a few days. Buuut I’ll try to get one of the finished products and add it tomorrow….which is actually later today.

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