Vacation, scenery, alpacas and crochet

I just got back from a vacation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It was great. Wonderful scenery.

 ry=400 (2)ry=400

While I was there my friend mentioned that she had just heard of an alpaca farm in her area. On their website they mentioned a country store and *gasp* alpaca yarn! I was in! Yes, let’s go get that alpaca yarn!!! So we drove 20 minutes of mainly back roads and found the farm. To my dismay there was no people there. Just a farm house, no store, no yarn but lots of alpacas. They posed well for the picture!


Upon leaving, totally disappointed, I texted my blogging partner to tell that I would not be getting skeins of beautiful alpaca yarn. She quipped that maybe it was a “pick your own” type alpaca farm!

Also while on vacation I started a friend on the hobby of crochet! Here’s her very first hat!

1186286_10153279274940076_1216921237_n 1381018_10153279686580076_390824865_n

Love getting new people addicted to yarn! *Insert evil laugh here*


2 thoughts on “Vacation, scenery, alpacas and crochet

  1. Verónica says:

    Beautiful place. The alpacas were worth the side trip!


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