Joining Granny Squares?

In the very near future (hopefully) I’m going to start joining a blanket together. I was looking for some opinions on favorite ways to join granny squares? Any preferences?

In the past I’ve used the single crochet method and I like it but for this blanket I’d like something a little less visable.


10 thoughts on “Joining Granny Squares?

  1. knittingnerdlawyer says:

    I’ve recently done this and found that just sewing the squares together is easier than single crochet (which I totally fluffed!)


  2. cormeg7 says:

    I’ve only made one blanket with granny squares so far, so I can’t say which method I prefer. I used the whip stitch for mine. It was easy and went pretty fast and it lays flat. That’s the reason I chose it to begin with.


  3. cassandraeve says:

    Reverse mattress stitch is the most invisible and it’s not hard! I am currently using it to join squares on an afghan.


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