Fun with a Side of Cheese

Generally speaking I am not a cheesy person. I don’t tear up and Awww at every cutsie meme featuring a kitten, puppy, or baby that shows up on Facebook. I’m not good at giving sentimental gifts; I’m all about giving something usable (or something I made….or better yet something that is both). And you know those moments when you’re supposed to make some benign, comforting comment? Usually I stay awkwardly silent.
Yeah I’m that guy (girl actually).
The NOT warm fuzzy one.
That being said, there is a time and place for everything even extreme cheesines in the form of….wait for it….
Matching mom n’ daughter dresses.

Maybe you remember this dress from my my Fancy Little Girl Dress post back in July. 


I  found this fabric super cheap on clearance so I bought quite a bit of it. I knew some of it was going to be my daughter’s dress for my sister’s wedding but then there was a whole lot left over. So I made a dress for myself too.




I had the fabric on hand and wanted to try out this vintage pattern I picked up at a garage sale.


Not having made a dress for myself or any other adult in a while and never having made an older pattern it didn’t make sense to go out and buy new fabric. Plus the scale of this print worked really well with the simple shift dress.


In my defense I never planned to wear it when my daughter was wearing hers. Like I said before I don’t do cheese like that. In fact when my girl hinted about us wearing our matching dresses somewhere I inwardly cringed.
Fast forward about three months: each of us has worn our bright shiny dresses a total of once. That is, each dress has been worn out in public one time. Hmm…

I got tickets for me & my daughter to go see Les Miserables at a civic theater about an hour and a half away. We were both pretty excited about it. I love Les Mis and she had been dying to see it (I nixed the idea of her watching the movie over the summer even though “all” her friends had seen it). It was going to be a special outing for just the two of us, something I wanted her to really enjoy and remember.
And so I gave in and embraced the cheesiness…



I even liked it a little bit. Shh, don’t tell anyone I know in real life.
The play was great. Looking over to see my daughter leaning forward in her seat a bit as she took it all in made it even better. We even got a few comments and compliments on our matching dresses. It was a fun evening out.

On a side note, I’m debating trying to make my dress fit a little better. The shape is good but it’s just a tad wide. Maybe a couple darts down the front would help.
I find fitting my own clothes a bit tricky though so it might stay as it is for a while. I did change the pattern by leaving off the pockets and cutting the neckline just a little but I definitely will use this again.


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3 thoughts on “Fun with a Side of Cheese

  1. ebonierika says:

    TotAlly understand as I “don’t do cheese like that” either.


  2. hijennybrown says:

    I am anti-cheese, too…but darn, you both look so cute!


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