The Junior Kat: Another Katniss Cowl Rendition (WIP)

After an evening of extreme crabbiness complete with yelling, arguments, and full on tired pre-schooler meltdowns (in public, of course) my five kids are finally getting along and all playing together upstairs.
They’ve got a game they made up, called Monsters, going on; it is played by turning off all the lights and running around. It has a little more structure than that but that’s the basic idea.
This is what peace and quiet looks like around here. It’s a rough aproximation but sometimes that’s as good as it gets.
I thought I’d take this moment of relative calm to show off my latest WIP. I’m calling it The Junior Kat.


Look familiar? It’s a kid sized rendition of the Katniss Cowl I finished a couple months ago(and still haven’t worn in public). Well, it’s just the top of it right now.

The back is a little different. Since there are more pictures of the one Katniss wears in the movie I thought I’d do something a little closer to that.


Here’s a random close up of the back stitching.


The bottom of the front is pretty boring looking right now so I didn’t grab any pics of that.

This one is working up much faster than the first one, maybe because it’s smaller or maybe because I (basically) know what I’m doing now. I’d probably be done with it by now if it wasn’t going to be a Christmas present for my daughter.
I have a long and constantly growing list of presents to make so my goal is to finish this one by Thursday evening.
I’ll let you know how it goes.


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One thought on “The Junior Kat: Another Katniss Cowl Rendition (WIP)

  1. […] more yarn and I did finish the project in time for Christmas. What project am I talking about? The Junior Kat , as I had called it […]


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