Whew! It’s the Day After Christmas!

Don’t get me wrong I really like Christmas. But, WAHOO, all the projects are done, presents bought and opened and now I can work on ANY crochet project I want! I actually have no projects on my hook at the moment. It’s like a clean slate. I can’t wait! Here’s what I was working on before Christmas….


This was a take on the Groovygan I was making for my sister. I totally ran into trouble stitching it together. I must have stitched and frogged each piece at least once! Argh!


How did that happen?!?! I couldn’t even tell you. I was getting so frustrated. But…


It finally came together.



The piles of works in progress on my treadmill. Nice use for a treadmill, eh? Well, this year I’m working on clearing stuff out and the treadmill has been cleared of works and the treadmill itself has left the apartment. Clearing up some much needed space, according to my boyfriend, anyway. The irony is now that I’ve finally gotten rid of it my co-blogger wants me to do a 1/2 marathon with her this year. Quite a lovely goal.


I didn’t get a finished picture of this scarf. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it turned out quite nice.


This was my box of Christmas presents. Slayer, my cat, LOVED the box. It had just the perfect amount of cat-space.

Here’s the finished blanket. With border and all. It turned out quite nice- if I do say so myself!

Also just because I’m picture crazy…

That basket was made by my mom. She is taking a basket-making class this winter. She’s made some really great ones.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and got all your projects done in time. I know I’m super excited to pick up the hook again and start some new projects!!


One thought on “Whew! It’s the Day After Christmas!

  1. […] to work on a couple simple Christmas presents which will be crocheted. Nothing big this year. No blankets but a few hats and maybe some fingerless […]


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