Follow Up: Another Rendition of the Katniss Cowl

You may remember a post of mine from a few months ago… oh hell, who am I kidding?
I barely remember posts of mine from a few months agao, what with the craziness of Christmas & the holidays between now and then. Let’s start over.

Back in November I was showing off a WIP saying that I thought I’d finish it and follow up later that same week. That was me being a bright eyed optomist.
I was out of the yarn I was using and so were all the major yarn retailers in my area for a bit. Finally I got more yarn and I did finish the project in time for Christmas. What project am I talking about?
The Junior Kat , as I had called it then.


I was so close to being done when the yarn ran out that it only took about a half hour to finish.


As I said in the other post, the back is different from the original cowl I made. My goal was for it to be similiar to Katniss’ cowl in the movie. I like how it turned out even though the triangle in the back doesn’t lay flat. 

My daughter likes it too. She says her cowl has a handle for easy carring when she’s not wearing it….but she’s been wearing it almost all the time. I did have to tell her she’s not allowed to sleep in it. 


It works over a full winter coat too.

Like I said, the girl loves it. She’s excited to get back to school and show it off to her friends. Apparently that Katniss character is fairly popular.


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7 thoughts on “Follow Up: Another Rendition of the Katniss Cowl

  1. very nice! Will you be posting the pattern on Ravelry?


  2. […] My daughter asked about having a “small” birthday party this year and we thought it would be super fun to have a Fandom Cosplay themed party. I was excited about the prospect of putting together some costumes, maybe a Doctor Who character or two or A Katniss Everdeen (my daughter can really pull that look off with all her dark, long hair not to mention her pretty awesome cowl.) […]


  3. […] ended up making three slightly different versions of this cowl, the one on the right above, one for my daughter, and another one without the dramatic rings around the neck (shown below) that I never blogged […]


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