A Bad Day in Divorceland…

…is there really any other kind? I’m not so sure.

This week I planned to write some upbeat, crafty posts. I’ve got ideas for a couple, maybe even a few, of those rattling around in my pretty little head.

And then today happened.
I’ve been waiting all week on some results that would determine parenting time. It’s been a long road and things have not gone as I’d hoped they would.
My faith in the system has been greatly diminished. Today was a shining example of that and, frankly, it sucked!
Suffice it to say I didn’t know my eye lids could get that puffy (if I was any good with a camera I would’ve tried to capture it; it was that impressive) and my scarf absorbed so much snot that it deserves a name change (and a good wash…mental note: add wash scarf to the To-Do list).
But I’m not going to go into detail about all that. Instead I’m going to tell you about the least of the bad on this long day of bads, one with a relatively happy ending.
It’s 3:15am. I just got done with a long week of work and stress, lots and lots of stress. I have slept two of the past thirty-two or so hours and eaten…not much.
I’m hungry. I want, no, I need… no, I deserve McDonald’s.
A small french fries and a delicious, saucy Big Mac are calling to me. Sorry all you January Dieters and health food junkies but it’s a proven fact that greasy fat molecules dissolve into little bits of happiness on your tongue.
I learned that in community college Biology class and I need whatever bits of happiness I can get today.
Yes, a Big Mac would make the world an ever-so-slightly better place right now. Luckily the McDonald’s near my job is open 24 hours.
I start to roll down my window as I pull up to the drive-thru speaker. The window sticks just a couple inches from the top. I’m momentarily concerned that my window might get stuck part way down. At 1 degree these things can happen.
Right now it’s worth the risk. I toggle the switch a bit and the window goes the rest of the way down. I’m primed to place my order when the tired female voice informs me that it’s cash only tonight, no debit or credit cards.
My hopes and McDreams are momentarily dashed until I remember there’s another McDonald’s on the way home. I head there, order, and hand the kid my debit card.
As the window shuts between us I see him swipe my card, wait a moment, shake his head, then try again.
After a repeat of this performance he opens the window and informs me their credit card machine isn’t working.
He asks apologetically if I happen to have cash.
“Um, I have two dollars” I tell him.
He shrugs and tells me that’ll work.
I sigh in relief “Oh good because I might cry if you don’t give me my food.”
At this point I’m pretty sure I look like I could be part of the zombie apocalypse ….on the zombie side.
He gives me a wary look that says “You are clearly crazy and I hope you don’t have a gun or anything in there.”
I pull forward and receive my bag of greasy goodness.
As I enjoy my little bit of self destructive happiness it’s all I can do to just be glad this bad day in Divorceland is at it’s end.

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3 thoughts on “A Bad Day in Divorceland…

  1. I’m glad you at least got the food in the end…one small positive, right?


  2. […] about crochet and sewing projects and it was fun. Then this past January something happened; I had a really bad day and I needed to tell someone about it but there was no one I actually wanted to talk to about it. SO […]


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