For the Love of Yarn

I love making stuff.
I especially love making stuff from fabric or yarn.
I’m pretty sure I’ve waxed poetic about the unlimited possibility held by the four walls of a fabric or yarn store, about the potential in a skein of yarn that is just waiting to become something amazing.
I can wax poetic with the best of them because ,well, I have lots of practice.  I will not hesitate to share my enthusiasm and especially my yarn related enthusiasm with just about anyone who will listen (hence this blog).
If I’m out crocheting in public and someone comments or asks me about what I’m doing I will gladly tell them probably more than they really wanted to know about what I’m making, crocheting, and yarn in general. If someone I know shows an interest in learning to crochet, oh man, my day is made.


I’m a bit of a nerd that way (in case my references to Star Wars, Doctor Who, Ninja Turtles, and Superheros didn’t give that away already).

Just before the holidays there was a blip in my youngest son’s preschool newsletter asking if any parents knit, crochet, or sew and would be willing to share with the class.
Oh Hell Yeah!
Don’t worry I didn’t say that out loud at the preschool; I was in my car when I read it.

So of course I talked to the teacher and set up a time to come visit the class. A few snow/cold days delayed my visit but ,finally, this past week I went to my son’s class to share my love of yarn.
I was so excited.
My son was so excited (He’s four so a parent coming to talk to his class is still cool. When I was nine my dad came to talk to my class about his job. I was mortified but that might have just been due to my overwhelming shyness and the extra attention it brought on).

I showed the kids a couple of character hats I’ve made, a scarf, some fingerless gloves, and a blanket my son’s Great Grandmother crochet for him as an infant. I passed around a few different types and sizes of crochet hooks (wood, metal, teeny tiny, large…I went for extremes since I was dealing with a group of four year olds). And, of course, I brought a few different yarns for them to see and feel. I held the classes attention for about five, maybe seven, minutes.
It was great fun! A few kids even tried their hand at crocheting (well making a chain).

I’d like to think that sharing my love of yarn and all things crochet with a bunch of four year olds (and anyone else who expresses or feigns interest) will make the world a better place or impact lives positively or some other bullshit like that.
In reality I know these kids will barely remember that I was even there by the end of the school year (except maybe (hopefully) my own son).
But don’t worry, I try not to let reality dampen my enthusiasm.

In fact, right now I’m day dreaming about finding (or making) a shirt that says “Ask Me About My Yarncraft.”
Too much?
Yeah maybe too much.


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2 thoughts on “For the Love of Yarn

  1. That is awesome. You need to come to Sam’s school next. 🙂


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