There’s No Day Like a Snow Day

Who doesn’t enjoy a snow day…even when it’s the 6th one in just over a month?
Some parents around here are probably starting to get a little tired of them.
I will admit I wish we could at least have a snow day where it was warm enough to go sledding (one on my parenting time please),but I was pretty happy to have a snow day yesterday.
We needed a day to just hang out and relax, my kids and I. So that is exactly what we did.
When we woke up at 9am it was -6 degrees Fahrenheit….and sunny, so so sunny. My 9yo commented happily “It’s so beautiful and bright! We don’t even need to turn any lights on.”
We get a little excited to see the sun in late January here in Michigan….
even if it’s not really doing much warming.

Clearly this beautifully sunny yet frigid day was going to be spent indoors. So, to pass the time, we made bow ties.
Bow ties, why bow ties you ask?
“Because bow ties are cool!”

Dude, you totally should’ve seen that one coming.

At first I was using a pattern I have and (mostly) following directions. Yeah, I know totally not my usual MO.
That was helpful for the cutting part but the way the pattern said to fold the bow part made too many layers of fabric to sew through.
The end results following directions were okay:

But it was taking too long and being too frustrating so I took the road well traveled and Googled. Good old Wiki how gave me some ideas.
After that I just cut a big rectangle, folded and sewed, made a band, folded a smaller band around the rectangle and neck band and Viola! A bow tie.



My daughter made her own:


Then I helped her tighten the middle band a bit:

She calls it her Timey-Wimey bow tie. A double doctor reference, what’s not to love.


As you can see bow ties really are cool!
Now to figure out what to do with today’s snow day…


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5 thoughts on “There’s No Day Like a Snow Day

  1. So cool! For today, make fezs (fezzes? fezi?) of course!


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