Birthday Hats All Around

Sometimes I post something with this great idea of doing a two-part post.
I’ll write about a WIP or something that’s part of a bigger piece thinking I’ll write the follow up post later that week…or within a couple days….or sometime that same month. You know, close enough to the original post that readers remember it and are still interested. It’s a great idea.
Ideally the two part post builds suspense and generates interest.
But what happens when suspense builds too long?
It crumbles and dies.
(Maybe I’m flattering myself to think people are actually waiting in suspense to read my posts….
Maybe they (you?) are though.)

If you were reading sometime back in January you might remember the turtle granny squares I made as part of a birthday gift for one of my daughter’s friends.
Well, after much suspense which has since disintegrated, here is the hat that they became.



The hat & gloves were a big hit. The girl loved them and the mom oohed and aaahed over my craftiness and talent. Then we had a fun conversation about crocheting. Plus since they were made completely from my post-holiday yarn stash the gift was technically free too. It was an all round win!

My lovely daughter’s birthday was just a couple weeks after her friend’s so when I saw how cute the turtle hat came out I set to work on an owl version. She loves owls. Two years ago I made her this hat for her birthday.


She still loves it but it’s getting a little small.

I already had an owl granny square pattern from the owl baby blanket I gave my friend this past summer so the owl version of the turtle hat was pretty quick & easy.


This is made the same way as the turtle one but I finally figured out how to end a hat this shaped without getting the pointy end (which I call the nipple effect).


To make these squares into hats I started by joining the four squares in a circle. The I single crochet around the top edge to make it nice and even. The following rounds were half double crochet with a front post hdc at the corner of each square. At the very top of the hat I switched to single crocheting and went around until the hat was closed. The bottom edge is just a couple rows of half doubles or singles finished with a picot stitch.


Some complimentary granny square gloves and I had another great birthday gift.
I’m planning to do a separate post about granny square gloves and maybe even write a pattern. Don’t hold your breath though… I would hate to make you pass out.


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One thought on “Birthday Hats All Around

  1. jengolightly says:

    I have four granny squares left from my bag project, a hat woul put them to great use! How inspiring! Do post your instructions for the gloves too! When you are ready lol x


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