New Running Gear, New Motivation

Motivation is something I’ve been short on lately. I’ll take any excuse not to do just about anything these day. Running has been no exception.
Sure it’s been cold (polar vortex anyone?).
Sure we’ve had over a foot of snow laying around for a month now. But there have been some sunny days with acceptable running temperatures that I have turned a blind eye to.

This past week I think I may have found a solution to my mid-winter slump… New Running gear.


Specifically new cold weather running gear.
I actually got the mask for Christmas but the obnoxiously pink hoodie, an awesome waterproof black top layer/jacket, and some gloves are all new.
I’m not a big spender so buying this much stuff, especially for myself, in one fell swoop pretty much guarantees that I’ll use it.
It goes something like this: my brain starts coming up with excuses not to run (but it’s sooo cold, there’s going to be ice everywhere, you really don’t need it today).
But then my brain answers “Oh no you don’t! You just spent X amount of money on all this new stuff for running in the cold, you better get out there & use it!”
And guess what…. it works.
I got out for a run the other day and it was great.
I didn’t even feel the cold.

Of course this week it’s supposed to warm up. We might even see the thirties. This is exciting for Michigan in February.
Even if it doesn’t warm up for a few more weeks I’m prepared and determined to get my money’s worth on
this running gear. This motivation should get me through February and into March…and spring which is always a great time to run because really when isn’t?

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7 thoughts on “New Running Gear, New Motivation

  1. Kristin says:

    I love your new running gear!!


  2. Wow, I often think it’s too wet or windy to go running here, but it’s nothing like the conditions you’re in! How do you find running in a mask? Can you get enough air? I’m really impressed.
    Are you in training for anything? I started running last year, but still haven’t got back into the swing of it after Christmas, and it’s February!
    I did get a running watch for Xmas though and I really like it, so like you, I do have at least *some* motivation to get out there.


    • nights7 says:

      I wanted something to cover my face & help reduce the feeling of breathing in cold air but I wasn’t sure I’d like the mask. My brother got it for me for Christmas. It actually is not hard to breath in; there’s the hole under the nose and some ventilation by the mouth. It does make running in the cold easier.
      I’m planning to do a half marathon but not until the fall (because the thought of running thirteen miles in hot weather is terrible!). Right not it’s my goal to do a 5k before the end of March & at least one 10k by the end of June.
      From December to early March is my slump time of year. Bad weather & way less daylight make running outside so difficult. I just try to get one or two runs in a week right now.


      • I’m in the UK where we’ve had a lot of floods, but nothing like the cold you have there. Sometimes it’s only when you read things like this post you get a feel for what it must be like elsewhere. (More real than reading weather stats, for example or seeing it on TV).
        I’m booked to do a 10 mile run in September, so like you, building up to it. I did my first 10k (and second one too) last year. It was hard but I was so pleased to’ve completed it, you’d’ve thought I’d run 10 marathons in a row
        Good luck with your running – looking forward to seeing how it all goes.


  3. […] a few weeks, I was injured for a few weeks, then I was ‘too busy’. A chance reading of this point from Night’s Watch made me buck my ideas up though. She’s running in ice and snow, and yet I can’t run in […]


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