Evolution of the Dalek

I’ve been working on a post all week. It was long, it was serious, and it was going to be good. I kept coming back to it and working on it a bit, but couldn’t quite get it finished. Finally I realized why. It was long and it was serious but it was not good. It was crap & boring so I scrapped it and now you get this instead (you can thank me later)….



The Evolution of the Dalek….cupcake.

My son turned thirteen last week. Usually that’s one of those milestone birthdays we celebrate a little bit bigger but he vetoed the idea of having a party.
I suggested a Doctor Who themed costume party (mostly so he could wear his awesome Halloween costume again).


But he still said no.
Not to be deterred, I decided to throw the boy a surprise party. A Doctor Who themed surprise party of course.

So this week (along with working, crocheting an owl hat, and sewing a baptism gown) I’ve been covertly preparing to surprise and celebrate my son in nerdtastic style.
The party is tomorrow (or later today for all you non-nocturnal people) but I have a closet full of balloons, a candy filled pinata stashed away, and fourteen little Dalek cakes resting peacefully in my


Here is the process of making, the evolution of, so to speak, the Daleks.


Cupcake + minicupcake


Frost all around & stick a candle in for the eye stalk (it’ll light up later). I made the mistake of using whipped frosting. I should’ve known better.


Add white chocolate chips for the top bumps, a pretzel & a squashed skittle on a toothpick for the appendages, two stripes of gel icing near the top, and decorative candy beads in rows of three.
And there you have it: a sweet little Dalek.


And in case you aren’t familiar with the Daleks…

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3 thoughts on “Evolution of the Dalek

  1. I can never work out time zones, so I hope he has/had a brilliant time. The cakes look great, he’s a lucky 13 year old! Did you get to dress up? I can’t quite help but think you might be living vicariously


    • nights7 says:

      The party just wrapped up a bit ago. There were a couple bow ties & Ood masks incorporated into the games but no other dressing up.
      I do have almost as much fun with stuff like this as the kids do. 🙂


  2. […] fault. If you’ve been reading our blog you might remember the Halloween costumes, the Dalek cupcakes, the incident with Scott Ian, the Tardis scarf, the bowties and seeing John Barrowman at […]


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