Blankets and Scaring Myself Silly

I’ve got all kinds of events this summer and fall. Marriages, babies…you know those events that a crocheted blanket would be a perfect present!

My cousin’s wife is due in August. I had some  light green yarn leftover from a project gone wrong and am making a very cute ripple blanket. Possibly with a little appliqué.  Ripples are fun and easy to do. Plus it take very little concentration. Perfect for catching up on some tv. And therefore, I made some serious progress on it yesterday while watching American Horror Story: Murder House. OMG – I freaked myself out.

I watched and crocheted for an embarrassing number of hours. Really an embarrassing amount of time. I am addicted to this show but good grief does it make me a jumpy mess. My cat jumped on the bed and startled the crap out of me!
While the baby blanket is going well I’m also attempting a wedding blanket. I saw a pattern called the 5 1/2 hour throw. I thought perfect! It uses three yarn strands together and a size Q hook. I figured I’d whip it out and be done with a project. It’s a very simple v-stitch. I did about three rows and hated it. It looked soooo sloppy. So I frogged it. As I mentioned before I haven’t had the best luck with crochet lately. So I’m back to the drawing board for the wedding blanket. I think I’m just going to make a throw and I have some very neutral colors to work with. I’m just not sure how I’m going to combine them!

7 thoughts on “Blankets and Scaring Myself Silly

  1. Hannah Rose says:

    LOVE American Horror Story! I binge watched around Halloween while crocheting Halloween related stuff, haha.


  2. Jacquline says:

    Netflixing and crocheting/knitting are a match made in heaven. It’s me and my sister’s fav thing to do on a Sunday.


  3. Ok, this pattern is from an old book and I’m not sure it’s available anymore, and in any case I modified it a bit, but for inspiration for a simple V-stitch wedding blanket (with a little extra on the ends) check out this one I made:


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