A Metal Head and Doctor Who

I’m going to tell you a not so well kept secret – I have terrible taste in music. I love Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Justin Timberlake….just to name a few. If it’s peppy and mildly catchy I’m in. I only draw the line at Justin Bieber. Ugh. My iPod is full of cheesy/wonderful music that people who ride with me don’t really want to listen to. This is all much to dismay of my boyfriend. He happens to love metal music. Let’s just say road trips can be challenging!

He invited me along to see Scott Ian doing spoken word. After he explained who Scott Ian was (he’s in Anthrax) I reluctantly agreed. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.

Metal really isn’t my thing and I knew nothing of Anthrax. However I was pleasantly surprised. This guy was funny! He told great stories. Usually about other metal people of whom I knew nothing but my boyfriend was totally digging it. It was enjoyable. Scott Ian was not only funny but he was, dare I say, kinda geeking out. Now although I know nothing of metal music I speak semi-fluent geek. Then he brought up Doctor Who! Yes! This is something I knew about. He showed this picture:
Then he told everyone how when he was touring Europe he would show this and convince the audience that he was going to be the companion in the next Doctor Who season! He informed everyone that this was a picture from an upcoming western episode. This, of course, was before the newest Doctor was officially announced. Love it!
Actually this picture is from Deadwood. A really great older HBO show. If you haven’t seen it I’d recommend it.
So I’m still not into metal but I’m a little into Scott Ian. Plus he’s Meatloaf’s son-in-law. Meatloaf….there’s an artist I can sing-a-long to!

3 thoughts on “A Metal Head and Doctor Who

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