The Late Finish

Lately life has been busy….who am I kidding? Life is always busy and I like it that way.
Some weeks though I just want to be like “Okay, guys, can you just not change your clothes for a couple days? And do we really need to eat again? I mean we’ve already had two meals today, not to mention the three from yesterday AND multiple snacks this week. C’mon!”

I just want more time to sew….and run…and crochet…and finish that book from the library that’s a week past due…and and and the list could go on.
Truthfully I do waste more time than I should. Even when I have a sewing project with a deadline in the works I dink around and put it off. I’m well practiced in the art of procrastination.
An example of this is the baptism dressed I offered to make for my niece. I told my sister a couple weeks before the baptism that I’d like to make the dress. She suggested we make it out of her wedding dress that had gotten stained. This was a great idea. I love making fancy dresses out of other fancy dresses and it would increase the sentimental value of the baby’s dress.
So two full weeks before the baptism my sister and I got together and cut up her wedding dress.

Then the pieces sat at my house for the rest of the week. A couple days later I sewed a little.      


But I was also planning my son’s surprise party that week so I didn’t get back to the dress until…. Saturday evening. That’s right, less than twelve hours before my little niece was supposed to wear it.
Yeah, that’s how I roll.


The wedding dress had an organza over layer that we were planning to use as an over skirt for the baptism dress but that didn’t quite work since I wanted to put the crystal detail from the train on the front of the gown. I had to get creative…that was around midnight.

At one AM I was finally finishing the little dress. All I had to do was open up the button holes and sew the buttons on. But as I was pushing upwards in the opening of the bottom button hole the seam ripper went a little further than I meant it to.     


The dress ripped all the way up the back…. at one in the morning. I didn’t cry. I didn’t throw or break anything (mostly because I’d have to clean it up). I did curse a little and lay my head on the sewing table in exhaustion and frustration.
Then I came up with a solution and was done with the dress ten minutes later and not a moment too soon.





In the end the dress turned out fine.


I was even asked to be the godmother. I’m pretty sure offering to make the dress won me that honor (just kidding there are probably lots of other reasons they asked me).


Crap now I have to be a good example and role model …


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2 thoughts on “The Late Finish

  1. Wow! Ok, a little last minute, but what a fantastic job! And I’d say pulling it of at the very last minute and thinking on your feet is a *great* skill to learn – you’ll be an awesome role model


  2. […] names to get gifts for one or two nieces or nephews.) This wasn’t by chance. I’m also her godmother; my sister guessed that I’d probably get her a gift regardless of the name drawing and just […]


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