Owls Don’t Have Ears

Okay, I guess owls do have ears otherwise they wouldn’t be able to hear but I’m pretty sure their ears are buried in feathers. Kind of like chickens, chickens have ears but you don’t see them at first glance. They’re just holes amidst feathers. For some reason a lot of the popular, cutesy images of owls make them look like they have ears on top of their heads…like cats do.


See, no ears just tufts.



I was commissioned to make an owl hat for a coworker’s one year old grandson. I love being commissioned to make things.
One it sounds important and two I get paid to do something I like doing without putting forth the effort of finding someone to pay me.
I’ve made an owl hat before so this one wasn’t too difficult. I used the same structure as I had before: a basic beanie with ear flaps and a contrasting color on the front third of it.


At this point it could be almost anything. The features are what really make it an owl.
The eyes and beak are pretty straight forward and obvious but when it came to the….umm, err…not ears I wanted something different from the other owl hats I’ve seen out there. Heck, I wanted something different than what I did before; something less ear-ish.
After playing around with it a bit I ended up chaining seven or eight stitches and doing a row of ascending stitches to get an elongated triangle. If you held it upright it would look like an exclamation point. One for each side positioned slightly above the eyes and …


Okay, so they still look a little like ears but it’s a cute hat anyway.
I started another baby owl hat (actually the unfinished one in the pictures) to give it another try. Maybe this time they’ll look even less ear-esque.


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One thought on “Owls Don’t Have Ears

  1. […] made slightly bigger versions of this owl hat before and ,with a little Google baby hat sizing search, adjusting it for a newborn was pretty […]


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