Where did my motivation run off to?

According to WordPress it’s been too long since I published a post. I received an email yesterday telling me what I’m missing in the blog world. Except I haven’t been missing anything. I’ve just been reading blogs instead of writing them.


Since school let out for the summer I’ve been lackadaisical. I just stopped wanting to do anything on the computer (except pay bills since that’s, like, necessary) and, in general, have been a lazy human being. It’s been so nice!! However now I find myself scarily behind on things I would like to accomplish this summer. Remember this post when I talked about running and how I was going to? Yeah, I didn’t except for a few times despite the ongoing support of my co-blogger. *sigh* I also need tackle some additional things to prepare for applying to my next school which I’ve been procrastinating.


My boyfriend and I just had a “staycation” – he was scheduled a week off work and my schedule is several days on/off at a time so we had a chunk of time off work and together. It was nice. Before we bought a house we were going to go away but, well, really who has money after buying a house?!? After some solid down time around the house I’m ready to jump back on board the motivation train. It’s past time! Plus there are goals I have for the summer…but that’s going to be another blog post!


While May was mostly a down month (at least the first 22 days) there are some things that happened!  Some very fun things:

First, I got a new living room set! This is the first furniture I’ve ever had that has not been pre-owned!

I also got a new kitten from a friend who rescued a pregnant stray.



We also, finally, got a new bed. I love the bedspread I found for cheap online. image

I did finish a very small project. I really liked the look and pattern and want to adapt it to make other items.


There have also been experiments in baking.



That’s right, spinach in brownies. You totally can’t tell at all. During the work week to help get lots of veggies/fruit in our diet my co-blogger and I have been making green smoothies (as long as you add berries it doesn’t look green). We figured if you can’t taste the spinach in the smoothies it could be added to other things. It totally can. Sneaky veggies.


My bf and I also went to Detroit’s Comic Con. It was pretty fun this year and I got some prints I LOVE to put up in the house. I also got to see Captain Jack Harkness in person. Although I didn’t pay to go up and get his autograph he was pretty dreamy just the same!



So maybe I haven’t been quite as lazy as it feels. However I still need a kick in the ass!


4 thoughts on “Where did my motivation run off to?

  1. ziles says:

    Nice couch and spread!
    I need to get out the door my self…


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