Kicking Ass & Taking Names

I know you all have heard a lot from the two of us in the past day or so (apparently we’re feverishly making up for lost time or something) but I just had to share this evening’s awesomeness with you.

I hadn’t been on a run since Sunday; the week was just too busy. I swear I was in action doing stuff from the time I woke up at the crack of dawn (just kidding but early for me) to get kids to school until about midnight-thirty when I finally fell into bed. It was just one of those weeks but it was super productive.

No running though….until tonight.

To make up for my lack of running I decided I would run at least four miles. There’s a loop around town that I estimated to be about six miles I’ve been wanting to do, I figured I’d do an Out & Back and cover two miles of it then come back (hence the name out & back).So I did….and then I kept going.

It’s a nice night, the kind of spring weather I’ve been waiting for: mid sixties, a little windy, blue sky with fluffy white clouds. I felt good. So I just kept going. The only problem was that I didn’t bring any water with me. That would’ve required planning.

 Around three miles in I was getting pretty thirsty. The ditch water by the board walk I was running on was even starting to look good. I imagined myself crouching down to slurp some ditch water. The thought made me smile and I kept running. About half a mile later there was the opportunity to cut through a school complex. I could probably find a drinking fountain in there but it would shorten the path I was now decidedly running. Mentally I was feeling good and I wanted to see jut how long this would last and how long this loop really is.

This made me think about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


Physically I needed some water, my body was telling me so but my pride won out and I kept running. Mind over matter, baby. Isn’t that what running is all about? I’m not saying I’m closer to self-actualization than I had been before this run but I definitely wasn’t getting further from it.

Actually I have no idea what that statement even meant. I’ll just blame the runner’s high. That IS a real thing.
In the end I ran 5.7 miles averaging ten minutes a mile. That’s my good average pace and much faster than my last attempt at a (almost) six mile run. I walked twice in the fourth mile but that was it. After mile four my legs felt like machines, like they could just keep going and going. Isn’t it funny how you hit a certain point and instead of feeling more tired you start to feel maybe not energized but that your body has reached a level of efficiency that makes whatever repetitive movement you’re doing feel easier and more natural?
Hopefully I’ll start to hit that point more and more over the next few months.
Tonight felt like a much needed break through. I made running my bitch (in a relatively small and insignificant way) and it was awesome!


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One thought on “Kicking Ass & Taking Names

  1. Amazing! Well done 🙂


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