Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Maskhats

I’d like to start by saying I’m not quite a nerdy or geeky girl. I’m like a pseudo-nerd or a surface geek.
I can look the look and talk the talk but I don’t actually walk the walk.
I ‘m not saying I’m too cool to walk the nerdy walk, no, no, no, I’m saying I’m not quite cool enough.
It’s true.
This might tie in later but then again it might not. There’s some sleep deprivation going on this week so who knows.
Cohesive thoughts are challenging. 
I was starting to think my life is spending the week trying to kill me but I’m pretty sure it is only terrorizing me.
It’s like the two preschoolers who were tearing through my house yesterday.
One had a mini-Nerf gun the other a small plastic squirt gun, the kind you get in four packs at the dollar store; they’d run by asking things like “Where’s that cat?” & “Did the cat go by here?”.
Don’t be too alarmed, neither gun was loaded and the cat was doing a good job of avoiding them.
Then they’d run back upstairs one saying to the other “I’ll beat you to the top of the coconut tree!”
Four year olds & their literary references.

In this analogy I am the cat and life is the preschoolers. They’re not trying to kill the cat but she is getting a run for her money for a short bit.
It’s just one of those weeks.

Even though I was working all weekend, driving my kids to and from friends’ houses, making sure they were fed & and didn’t kill (or seriously injure) each other while also trying to spend some quality time with them I managed to work up a quick hat.
Don’t be too impressed this is only possible because I have crochet down time  at work.
And there was a little financial incentive.
That’s right, I was hooking for money.
In April I gave my eighteen year old brother this hat for his birthday.


This is not my 18yo brother but the hat does fit him.

A friend of his liked it & asked about getting one too. Of course I was happy to oblige.
Almost nothing gives me more satisfaction than doing something I love doing and getting paid to do it.


Quite a while ago, maybe around this time last year, I was thinking about character hats. There are lots of fun crochet patterns for all sorts of character themed hats out there. So what did I do? I ignored them all and winged it…or wung it? Probably winged. Whatever.

My intention was to make at least four turtle hats for a complete set. Well you know what they say about good intentions. I made two then got distracted by shiny objects.
My little guy wore the Leonardo hat but Raphael sat in a drawer until the aforementioned sibling birthday.


Basically these are just normal beanie hats with a few extra rows of an alternate color and eye holes. They can be worn as mask hats like so:


Or tipped back to look like a normal hat like so:


Remember the cat/preschooler analogy? I snapped those pics just before going to bed for the day, my night, if you can even call 4 hours a night of sleep.
I put on some lipstick (yeah we’re getting fancy up in here!) but I’m not sure it helped.
I read somewhere once that if you just dab on a little lipstick or blush it’ll brighten you up and help you look less tired. At this point that’s like trying to squelch a house fire with a garden hose: it’s not hurting anything but it’s not really making much of a difference either.
Ah well I tried.


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