It could’ve been worse

So last week was one of those weeks. You know the kind – where everything seems to go just a little wrong and then a lot more wrong. First off I was scheduled to work over the holiday weekend with 3 twelve hour night shifts. Oof. But it could’ve been worse because I did get holiday pay.


Then Tuesday morning driving home from my last 12 hour night shift my car overheated on the freeway! Oh shit. I was scared – and let me give you a little background to explain why. My co-blogger and I work at a brain injury rehab where several of the clients have brain injuries caused by auto accidents. One former client had trouble on the same freeway I was stuck on and was hit by a second car and lost her legs. I’d heard the story multiple times in varying degrees of horrifying detail. So as I was sitting there waiting for my car to cool down this was the story that kept going through my brain. I was unable to get ahold of my boyfriend because he was sleeping (also works nights) despite multiple phone calls. Turns out he took advice I gave earlier in the week and turned his phone on silent so it would quit waking him up during the day!! However I had a friend who was able to bring me some water so I could get off the freeway (without spending money on a tow) and wait for my dad, who was coming to rescue me, in a nice safe parking lot. But it could’ve been worse because it only cost me $30 and some sleep to get my car back in working order. Whew!


After my car incident I had to go back into work that night on very very little sleep. But it could’ve been worse because I do have a great co-worker and there’s Red Bull.

Friday I had to work my second job as a part-time secretary for a retired Forensic Psychiatrist who also happens to be a Holocaust survivor. (Seriously one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.) I’ve been working for him for about 10 years unfortunately now his health has taken a turn for the worst. It makes getting work completed very difficult because he’s not as able and because all his talk of his death gets tough for me to handle without breaking down. But it could’ve been worse because he’s still plugging along and still has lots of good days.

Friday night my boyfriend, who, by the way, felt awful for missing my phone calls earlier in the week, and I went to the drive-in. Pretty fun experience. Well the car battery died. I just rolled my eyes and figured I was bad luck for the week! But it could’ve been worse because the couple in the car next to us jumped the car and away we went.


Then Saturday night we celebrated my co-blogger’s birthday and there was a really varied turn out of people. There were a lot of individuals that were from different social groups. But it couldn’t have been better.

6 thoughts on “It could’ve been worse

  1. At least the ending to the week was a happy celebration.


  2. What a week! Glad you’re safe. Many happy returns to your other half 🙂


  3. hijennybrown says:

    Oh my goodness! What a crazy, scary week! Any week that ends in cake can’t be that bad, right?


  4. ziles says:

    Was that the actual cake? It looks delish. Glad you survived the week!


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