What is Possibly the Worst Piece of Knittery Ever

… Okay so it’s probably not the worst piece of knittery EVER.
I usually try to avoid superlatives but thought I’d throw one in there for dramatic effect. And, yes, I do know that knittery is not actually a word but I’m not quite ready to be counted among the ranks of real knitters who make actual knit work.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was learning to knit. As I knit and purled rows back and forth I thought “This should count for something.”
So instead of making a random swatch that I would later either frog or cast aside I decided I’d make a little I-pod cover.
Taking the time to find a simple knitting pattern for such a cover and then learning how to actually read said pattern did not appeal to my impulsive nature and random sense of urgency so I made something up. I figured I could make a rectangle as wide as the I-pod and then build up until it was long enough to wrap around it height wise. At that point I’d practice my yet to be acquired decreasing skills and taper it into a point at the end. Connect it along the sides, add a loop and button, ba-da-bing, ba-da-bang…I-pod cover!

It did sort of work that way….sort of.

The first problem was that the first stitch at the beginning of each row was loose. I can’t quite figure out why.


I got bored and practiced cable knitting about two thirds of the way through.

Then my decreasing stitches were a little bumpy and I go confused about which row was knitting and which one was purling. That wasn’t too bad though.

Finally I had a pointy rectangle that was the size and relative shape I guestimated it should be.
I held it up and snickered.

“Ummm, this might be a little inappropriate.” I giggled to my co-blogger, channeling my inner adolescent.
“Oh my gosh. It does not look like a penis!” she replied.
I swear sometimes she can read my mind. That’s a little scary.

Then I showed her this picture:

inapp knitting

And she snickered too!

To make the…err, shape (yeah, let’s call it a shape) I had into an actual thing I crocheted the two sides together, crocheted around the opening and top edge, and chain stitched a little loop. Yes, I know, I could have done that with knitting but I was running out of time and wanted to finish it that day.
All in all it turned out to be about what I expected.

knitting fin fr

knitting fin sd

knitting fin b

Next step: find a real first knitting pattern and figure out how to read it.
Any suggestions?


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A metamorphosis in progress...always.

4 thoughts on “What is Possibly the Worst Piece of Knittery Ever

  1. Hello! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award: http://drjenkinsunts.wordpress.com/2014/06/09/the-liebster-blogging-award/ and as for knitting suggestions, there’s tons of stuff on Ravelry 🙂


  2. ziles says:

    Awesome!! How about something with cables? Like a hat with cables. Or wrist warmers with cables.


    • nights7 says:

      I do want to try something with cables but am not sure I’m ready quite yet. I was looking at a bucket hat pattern that I might try soon. I’m on a summer hat making spree right now.


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