Impromptu Pouches

I really should be finishing getting my kids to bed, especially since I have to be at work in an hour, but I’m tired.
Being severely tired causes poor judgment.
It’s a fact.

SO here I am working on a quick impromptu post about some impromptu pouches that came into being this evening.

On the way home from getting my kids from their dad’s house (it’s the beginning of my parenting time week. YAY!) my nine-year-old was begging to stop at the cute but over priced local toy store. He really really wanted, no, needed a little pouch AND they’re only fifty cents.
This may be true but every seasoned parent knows that fifty cent pouches at toy stores are traps.
Plus I can whip up a little pouch in fifteen minutes or less.

So that’s what I did.

pouch wip 1
First step: cut two rectangles of fabric

pouch wip 2
Second step: round the bottom two corners
Third step: Sew the side & bottom edges together. Turn right side out.

pouch wip 3
Fourth step: Make a button hole about an inch and a half down in the middle of one side.

pouch wip 4

Fifth Step: Fold over the top edge and stitch it into place forming a casing at the top of the pouch. My daughter was making her own and wanted to do some hand sewing. I prefer to avoid hand sewing like the plague. Well, maybe not like the plague, but I would rather just machine stitch something like this.

To finish up thread a shoe lace, string, or ribbon through the top casing.
My son specifically requested something long enough to wear around his neck. I had a long pair of shoelaces on hand that fit the bill perfectly.

SW pouch fin
He originally planned to use the pouch to hold skeleton pieces from the owl pellets his class was “dissecting” in science but now wants a smaller one for that.
Why the boy wants small skeleton pieces that were rejected by an owl’s digestive system I do not know.
Some times it’s better not to ask.

SM pouch fin
Of course the little guy needs a pouch too. His will probably hold Lego pieces and other small toy treasures.

Batman mug

Holy strong coffee, Batman!
It’s time for work.

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