To Run or Not to Run…

Is that even a question?
Yesterday it was.
You see, on Monday evening I wrenched my back whilst lifting a saddle rack (yes, with the saddle on it) into my van and talking on the phone at the same time. Sometimes multitasking is not a good thing. But I had too much to do and not enough time to do it all.
Like this is something new and different? Nope, not so much.

As I was picking up the saddle rack, while holding my phone between my shoulder and ear, I twisted just wrong and twinges of pain shot through my lower back. I immediately set the stupid thing down and swore a little while grabbing my lower back like a stereotypical old person. Then I spent Monday evening (after getting my girl & her stuff up to horse camp, her pony settled in, doing some much (always!) needed grocery shopping, and getting the other kids to bed) on the couch with and ice pack, some vodka, and an episode of Mad Men.
It helped. On Tuesday morning my back still hurt…but only when I moved.
This wasn’t a debilitating pain by any means; it was more of a make life extremely uncomfortable pain.
The most annoying part of this all was that conditions were perfect for a daytime run on Tuesday morning.
Since late May daytime running opportunities have been scarce. My little guy has been out of school but the older kids have not. There is nothing about running and pushing a 45 pound kid in a stroller that appeals to me EVER…AT All. And leaving a four year old home alone so I can go for a run is generally frowned upon.
Really though he wouldn’t be alone, the dog would be with him.
It worked for the family in Peter Pan why not me?

peter pan dog
Tuesday morning I had a short meeting at work and had to take the kid to my sister’s anyhow. My work happens to be relatively close to my favorite State Park. Like I said, perfect opportunity except for this lower back pain every time I moved.
So to run or not to run?
I weighed my options and decided it couldn’t hurt to at least try. Well it could actually hurt to try but then I could just stop trying.
If I didn’t even try I would never know.
Maybe running would help.

I know that sounds weird but running is a little magical that way. It helps pretty much anything.
Have a headache? Go for a run (and drink some water then take a Motrin).
In a bad mood? Go for a run.
Need to make a big decision? Go for a run.
Bored? Go for a run.
Hot & tired? Go for a run.
Cold? Go for a run.
In a good mood? Happy? Go for a run (You’ll be even more happy when you’re done.)
You get the idea.

Running is my version of “Rub Some Bacon on It.”
You haven’t heard of Rub Some Bacon on It? Allow me to remedy that.

So I went for a run figuring I’d just try and see how it goes.
Turns out it actually did help. I ran an easy paced four miles and afterwards my back was feeling much better.
So yeah, go for a run! It’ll probably help.


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6 thoughts on “To Run or Not to Run…

  1. Hope the back pain doesn’t stay around. Running seems to help most aches I have, too, though. Take care!


  2. Vince says:

    The thing is when your back hurts the last thing is you want to do is move let alone run. The thing is the longer you don’t move it the tighter the muscles get and the longer it hurts. It’s a cruel thing.


    • nights7 says:

      It is. It’s one of those wicked self-perpetuating cycles. Luckily I did get out & run though. The repetitive motion of running really did help & it’s gotten better since then.


  3. […] My long run this past week got bumped to Friday due to a killer tension headache that struck Wednesday and some weirdness adjusting to this semester’s school schedule. I did, however, complete a six mile trail run on Wednesday. I’m loving the fact that six miles doesn’t feel like a long run anymore and hitting the trails was a nice change-up from the paved paths and city (a term I use loosely) streets I’ve mostly been using to get my miles in. Bonus, by the time I was done running the headache was basically gone. Score! Running really does fix pretty much anything. […]


  4. […] I can’t breath so I can’t run kind of sick. I did try. I’ll pretty much try to run through anything. Sometimes it helps, not so much this […]


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