What do I do with a yard?

I grew up in the country. It was (and still is) a small town complete with dirt roads, corn fields and animals. My best friend in high school literally lived in the middle of a corn field. The two of us enjoyed horror movies and the only one that was banned by her parents was Children of the Corn. Her parents murmured something about nightmares but I’m not sure if they were referring to us or them. Being outdoors was a way of life. I preferred my room and a good book. (Ok, or sitting in the shade with a good book.)

I personally didn’t live on a farm and the only animals we kept as pets were a cat and dog.  But we did have about an acre of land to mow and this cut into my summer of reading every year. When I was about 7 or 8 my parents planted over 100 pine trees, which bordered the property. The goal was that one day they would be better than a fence. These trees were the bane of my existence in the summer. I HATED mowing. I mean really really hated it. While my dad rode around on the mower I push mowed around each and every tree. Every summer praying that this was the summer those damn trees had grown together so that I didn’t have to go around each tree individually. I clung to that dream until I left for college never having it realized.

Pretty much since that I have lived in apartments. Apartments of course mean no yard work, mowing or weeding. Then we bought a house in the winter. When the snow melted we discovered the previous owners’ dogs had destroyed the yarn. As in there’s no grass in the back yard and the front is pretty sparse.

Now it’s July and I’m looking at my yard thinking “Well, crap, what do I do with this?!” The weeds (yeah, weeds, there’s not really any grass to speak of in the back) gets mowed, by my roommate, but that’s about it. A few weeks ago I thought I’d try to pretty it up a bit. I bought some flowers. A few tough ones have survived. Others have not.

I don't think this one's coming back!

I don’t think this one’s coming back!

I also did some weeding in the front mulched area. There were some perennials growing. I’m not entirely sure I pulled out all the correct plants.

Are these weeds or flowers? I have no idea.

Are these weeds or flowers? I have no idea.

I’m just not sure what to do or where to start. I’ve seen a few of those DIY back yard shows and while I may have gleamed an idea here or there from them mostly they intimidate me. I’ve heard I should weed ‘n feed which sounds nice but doesn’t that require equipment? Hmm, sounds like more research is needed before getting started. Or I’ll just wait until it snows again…yeah, there’s an idea! Where’s my book?

Meanwhile at my dad’s house – well those pine trees are huge and beautifully grown in. (It has been over 15 years since I left.) Drat.


3 thoughts on “What do I do with a yard?

  1. Have you got any neighbours? Might be worth seeing what’s in their gardens to get an idea of what grows well in your soil. Have a think about what you want from the garden too – do you want to potter about often? Just do something now and again? Etc. anything in hanging baskets needs a lot of water, but I think you’ve worked that out 🙂


  2. sindel17 says:

    Thanks for the advice! Clearly I need something that doesn’t require a bunch of attention! I do have some nice perennials growing in the front and those are probably the way to go for me. Hanging baskets are not. LOL


  3. […] things to be done – some of which I haven’t the faintest idea about. I already mentioned my yard (or lack thereof). So I was looking around and got the bright idea to paint my interior doors. They […]


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