It’s August Already?!?!

Summer has been going by so quickly! I can hardly believe the school year start again so soon. Like my co-blogger, I am headed back to school – this is my second & final year of prerequisites before, hopefully, starting my program. I’ve been trying to plan my schedule and meet with all the advisors they require. Whew.


Between all that I did sneak in a quick trip up north. Up north is a magical place in Michigan where all your troubles disappear or something close to that anyway. I was visiting an old college friend and her family. While I was up there I had some free time while she took care of life things (Up north isn’t as magical for her since she lives there!). I decided to go for a run. I’ve finally gotten back on the running after spraining my ankle and taking a good month off. During my run I almost ran right into a deer and her 2 fawns! I stopped dead and stared for a few minutes and when I made a move to try and grab my phone for a picture the doe darted off. It was pretty awesome. Then there were the Canadian geese. They are EVIL. Let’s just say I narrowly avoided this:


It was a pretty scenic route and a nice change. Here are some actual photos from the jog.


While things are improving on the running front I’m still quite scared of my promise of a 1/2 marathon. Heck I’m just hoping by the end of the month to be able to run a mile without stopping.

 untitled (2)

While I was running I had an epiphany. A sports bra needs to be invented for the ass. I mean seriously there are things that you just don’t want to feel move while running. I shared this a few people and we had some good laughs. Apparently they already make those though. They’re called compression shorts.

These were not what I had in mine. However I know where I can put my keys now!!

These were not what I had in mind. However I know where I can put my keys now!!

In other news I HAVE to finish a baby blanket I’ve been working on for forever. My cousin had her baby last week! Eek. I’ll post pics soon.


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