Knitting Progression & Summer Hats

I finally got around to trying my hand at knitting a real thing, ya know, like with an actual pattern and everything. I choose this bucket hat pattern because I’ve been on a summer hat kick this summer and this looked basic enough for a starter pattern.
It took me a few minutes of Googling to figure out what some of the abbreviations on the pattern meant. K3,K2Tog for example was a bit confusing and then I had to remember how to cast on and learn how to do a provisional cast on. But with some online help I was off and knitting. I did get a little confused at first and thought I was knitting when I was actually purling and vice versa then, apparently, I switched directions at one point. Things looked a little bumpy for a few rounds. I wasn’t sure if this hat was going to make it past the starting stages. Luckily I had a brief visit with my friend who knits and she got me all straightened out.



In the end it all came together nicely. There is evidence of my rocky start but going back to the provisional cast on and to add the brim helped blend it and hide the rough rows a bit.


To compliment the knit hat made of Sugar N’ Cream cotton yarn I crocheted a couple more summer hats. The great thing about these loose, airy crochet patterns is that they are fast, fast, fast. Which can be a beautiful thing. I probably spent half the time on the two crochet hats as I did on the one knit hat.
And look at how cute they are:
One for me



And one for my daughter…



*All three hats shown in today’s post are being modelled by the lovely Tina.
I’ve had a mannequin head in my house for months and it just occurred to me that she’s the perfect hat model.

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One thought on “Knitting Progression & Summer Hats

  1. […] the beginning of summer my co-blogger and I decided to learn to knit. She just finished a really fun hat. I just started learning and my first go around didn’t quite work […]


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