Happening Stuff

Cat Problems

A little while back I got a ginger kitten from a friend. I think she’s evil. Ok, maybe not quite. But she really doesn’t like to let people sleep in and is very persistent about attention – when she wants it, of course, in true cat fashion. Well now she’s taken to peeing on our NEW couch. I can’t figure out where this delightful behavior is coming from since she’s been using the litter box for months now. Grrr. We got her from a friend who is willing to take her back if I can’t solve this problem – which is wonderful. This friend seems to think she just misses our roommate, who’s out of town for several months, or her cat mom and brother. The friend has suggested that a playdate with her mom and brother would help solve this problem. I’m not at all convinced my kitten is that emotionally deep! I’m thinking the problem has to do with the fabric of the couch or some problem with the litter box. Who knows? I’m pretty sure she’s on her last chance before she gets shipped back to her original owner. I feel bad about it but I will not have a pee couch and she’d be going to another good home.

Fun Overtime

Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?! I got paid to go see KISS and Def Leppard in concert! Pretty fun.


Knitting Progress

The sampler scarf is underway!! I can officially knit – sorta. I don’t know how to do all the fancy stuff yet like switching colors or binding off but knitting and purling happening! I’m so slow compared to crocheting but that’s to be expected. Although I may put it aside for a bit for to work on a couple simple Christmas presents which will be crocheted. Nothing big this year. No blankets but a few hats and maybe some fingerless gloves.

Other Stuff

I just received my first textbook in the mail. Renting from Barnes and Noble this year has proved to be remarkably cheaper than anywhere else! So nice. The second one should arrive before the end of the week. Here it goes – the semester begins at the end of the week! Whew.

Finally saw (a day late) the new Doctor Who!

My co-blogger and her family came over to watch. It was fun to see how excited her kids were about the new episode. I thought it was super fun and pretty funny. I look forward to seeing where this season goes. Rumor has it he’s going to be a darker Doctor.


If you have suggestions for my kitten or comments on the new Doctor Who I’d love to hear them.